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Sunday, February 21, 2010

Veve's Pokemon Adventure

This is actually my first blog site, as well as first blog on here.
I'm going to be doing a playthrough of Pokemon: Platinum for my first project. Right now I'd like to post what I did last to catch up on where I actually am on the game. I'll also put up related pictures I've found online, and some I've drawn on occasion. 
Feb. 14, Valentine's Day, I've started my adventure. The professor explains to me what Pokemon are; How they're special creatures with powers that can form bonds with people. He asks me my name, and I put Veve. He asks if I am a girl or a boy, and select girl, of course. He then asks my rivals name, so I put an inside joke, Carlos!.

Thus, my adventure truly begins.

I'm watching T.V, an interview with Professor Rowan. Once I'm done, Carlos! comes running up the stairs into my bedroom, where he mentions that Professor Rowan has a lot of Pokemon, therefor, will have enough to give us at least one. He then tells me to meet him outside, and if I'm late I'll owe him $10 million.

I head downstairs, only to be greeted by my mom who tells me to meet up with Carlos!. I head out the door, but not before my mom warns me about going in the tall grass. I bump into Carlos! ( or, rather, he bumps into me ) and he is about to head out, except for the fact that he forgot something. So, I follow him back into his room, and as I get there he gives me the same warning, and jolts off.

I idly walk to where Carlos! is, because I'm in no hurry like he seems to be. He leads me to the tall grass, where I tell him that it's too dangerous. Carlos! insists that if we do run into any wild Pokemon we just go into the next patch of grass. As Carlos! is about to jump into the grass, someone yells, "HOLD IT!" stopping him dead in his tracks. It's Professor Rowan! He walks toward us, and begins asking us why we would even think of going in the tall grass.

Carlos! responds that we only want some Pokemon, and are prepared to do anything to get one. Rowan asks us twice now if we love Pokemon, and each response is, "Yes, of course we do!" Rowan is worried what two kids so hasty would do with Pokemon, and Carlos! tells him to at least give me the Pokemon, since it was not my fault in the first place. The Professor, seeing Carlos!'s boldness decides to give him a Pokemon too. Just then, Rowan's assistant Lucas comes running up holding a briefcase. He introduces himself to us, and warns the Professor that these Pokemon are rare and very hard to replace. Rowan tells Lucas not to worry about it, and tells us to look in the briefcase. Carlos! tells me to choose first.

My first Pokemon! As I like Fire-types a lot, I choose Chimchar. To counter my Fire-type, Carlos! chooses Piplup. Not only do I get my first Pokemon, but I also get my first taste of battle. Our Pokemon are brought out, and I start using Scratch on his Piplup. Eventually, it is brought down, making me the victor.

This was a prologue. From this point in time I have nicknamed my Chimchar Red Ranger, and caught a Shinx which I named Shawshinx. I have received my first badge, and am now in Floaroma Town.

From here, I caught a Buizel, which I named Bubbles.

lvl 16

Red Ranger ♂
lvl 17

lvl 11 

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