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Monday, February 22, 2010

Veve's Pokemon Adventure 2

My fight with Roark:

After leveling up Red Ranger to 14, and having him evolve into a Monferno, he learned Mach Punch. I also leveled up Shawshinx to level 15, as she won't be getting any experience in the battle. I leveled them up from wild Pokemon, which was boring to say the least.  It's a good thing Ponyta give you about 130 exp. a pop!

After all that training I decide to head to the gym -- after getting my head handed to me several times before -- and fight Roark, the Oreburgh City Gym Leader. His Geodude is tough, but my newly transformed Red Ranger is tougher! I use Mach Punch only twice, and he is down. He sends out Onix next, while I keep Red Ranger out. I use Mach Punch twice, leaving him with some HP left, so he uses a potion. I use it two more times, and his Onix is down. I've taken a fair bit of damage, now at half health, but I'm not going to quit. Roark's last Pokemon is Cranidos, where I say to myself, "Oh, great!" as I've had so much trouble with this thing before. Mach Punch, and.... It's down!

I've won my first Gym battle, and Roark presents to me my badge and a TM. At this point, I remember that I have to teach a Pokemon Rock Smash. I'm no happy about this, as I've always hated the thought of a move that can never be deleted. I think about teaching it to Red Ranger for a while, then I decide to just catch a Pokemon that can learn it too. Psyduck? It'll do. I catch a Psyduck and name it Psychache ( clever, right? ) then proceed to teach it Rock Smash. From here, I make my way to Floaroma Town. I head into the Pokemon Center to drop off Psychache into the box. Once done, I make my way down the route only to be stopped by a little girl.

She says her father has been taken hostage, and wants my help. That will have to wait until I catch a Buizel. And after any minutes of trying to find a male Buizel ( seriously this was annoying ) I finally caught one, and named him Bubbles.

 And that's where we last left off. I prepare myself for the battles to come by fighting wild Pokemon, which doesn't have a whole lot of outcome. The adventure will continue later tonight.

Shawshinx ♀
lvl 16

Red Ranger ♂
lvl 17

Bubbles ♂
lvl 12 


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